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AutoCount Cloud Payroll's Proforma invoices will be generated 3 days before your subsrcription's Billing Day.
Subscribers are advised to make payment once Performa invoice generated to avoid any interruption.

  • Price calculation is based on Headcount(s) of Subscription.
  • Free of charge for 3 active headcounts.
  • E-Leave & E-Claim / E-Attendance are only available in Premium Plan.
  • Free for 10 E-Claim & E-Leave / E-Attendance headcounts.
  • In case E-Leave & E-Claim / E-Attendance headcounts are more than 10, charges will be incurred for all headcounts.
  • Unlimited Payroll Users for Premium Plan & Payment Frequency of 12 Months.
  • Trial Period of 30 days will be available for every subscription created.
  • Payroll / E-Leave & E-Claim / E-Attendance Headcounts above 100 will be entitled to 20% Discount.
  • Payment Frequency of 12 Months will be entitled to 18% Discount.
  • You may use this calculator to know estimated price for your subscription.
Payment Frequency (Months):
Payroll Headcount(s):
E-Leave & E-Claim Headcount(s):
E-Attendance Headcount(s):
Payroll User:
Unlimited Company:
100+ Payroll (Premium)
RM 0
100+ E-Leave (Premium)
RM 0
100+ E-Attendance (Premium)
RM 0
12-Month Special (Premium)
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